Thursday, November 30, 2006

First Meeting of The Friends of Abidjan Zoo

We are delighted to announce the first meeting of The Friends of Abidjan Zoo, to be held in the "paillote", Abidjan Zoological Gardens, Williamsville, Abidjan, on Sunday 10th December 2006 at 14:00.

In order to be legally recognised as an association in Côte d’Ivoire, we must hold a General Constitutional Assembly (meeting) and do the following:

- Agree on the cost of membership, and the cost of a yearly subscription.
- Agree on the official name of the association
- Agree on the objective of the association
- Discuss the Action Plan, how the association will raise money
- Agree on the length of the president’s mandate, and that of the executive bureau and other officers.
- Elect the Executive Bureau (including a president, a treasurer and a secretary-general).

We will also be voting for one of the following logos to use on official correspondence and merchandise.

Please, if you are based in Abidjan, come along to the meeting, offer your views, your time and/or skills, and your first year’s membership!


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